C.E.U'S-Unfolding Awareness Youth Violence Prevention Specialist Training

Why Should I Become a Youth Violence Prevention Specialist?

If you are a professional who has daily or regular contact with children between the ages of 6 and 18, becoming a violence prevention specialist through emerging alternatives could assist you in gaining the skills necessary to identify risk factors, understanding stages of severity of violence exposure and experience, understand developmental factors that contribute to the problem, and to understand how children are impacted emotionally, mentally, physical and or sexually by abuse.  You would also learn of how best to interrupt the process of self harm through the transference of abuse patterns, to work collaboratively with youth to form a safety plan, will gain a deeper understanding of ethical and legal considerations involved when interceding in bullying, and many learn of the harmful long-term and short term effects of trauma.   

What could I do with my Certification?

Being Certified as a Youth Violence Prevention Specialist could allow you to identify yourself as an individual who could assist youth in building communication, negotiation, collaboration, and support skills.  Having your certification listed on your resume with the learned skills could mean success at attaining youth based employment.  It could also assist you in getting the continued educational credits that you may need for undergraduate or graduate educational requirements.  In addition, you could use what you learn through the course to train youth in becoming youth violence prevention strategy collaborators. You could also incorporated your learned skills in any educational or vocational environment.  Mental health specialist could gain valuable applications of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as students.   The information that you learn through the course could also be helpful in use in any professional or social setting

How long are the courses?

Our In-service training course last for two weeks.  We offer an accelerated course that last for one week.  Any in-service dates or times must be coordinated among representatives of collaborating organizations.  Organizational leaders of both emerging alternatives group L.L.C. and the hosting organization must agree on the cost and dates that the course is to be held.  We are flexible in this regard.  Payments must be made prior to the start of any course.  In the case of in-service training, at least a week in advance.  A list of participant's contact information is required at that time.

Our Online course is: emergingeducationalsolutions.moodlecloud.com

It is a self pace course curriculum program.  Participants are able to retake quizzes at least 6 times before they are shut out of the portal.  Participants must get a score of 80 or above on each section to be considered successfully complete. Instructions for navigating the system are sent at the time of payment for the online course. 

How would my organization benefit from using the in-service training

The In-service training course offers a hands-on approach to teaching anger management, social perspective taking, decision making and social problem solving, mental health and its contributions to violence, conflict management, social problem solving, active listening and effective communication skills.  Your organization would benefit from training your workers to identify their own trans-generational and trans-cultural biases, which contributes to their emotional wellness,  by assisting in the development of empathetic regard for others, and by increasing awareness of triggers and identifiers of intolerance which would ensure and increase in customer service based on unconditional regard for them.  This course's objective is to increase prevention; thus,  your chances of having a better working environment increases your bottom line.  It would also offer a means of filling in training gaps that may exist.

What are the costs for training

The cost for the course depends on the vehicle of service.  Our online course is $300 and individuals may begin the course when payment is received.  Students pay $250 for the online course, and In-service training cost vary.  Organizations must have a minimum of 10 participants in the course in order to host the in-service training for specialists.  The standard cost per participant is $250.  If an organization has 20 or more participants, the cost may be adjusted.

Where are the in-service trainings held?

In-service training is hosted by the organization for which the service is rendered.  In-service training could be held at a different location per the customer's request when given two week notice.  All In-service training organized through emerging alternative group llc will be in close proximity to the hosting Organization's site for customer convenience. 

What are the goals and objectives of the Youth Violence Prevention Program?

To define youth violence and it's components

To teach about cycles of violence

To assist in the education of rights of victims

To assist in the understanding of warning signs for youth violence

To educate in preventive interventions to assist in the elimination of violence among youth

To offer intervention training for the purpose of teaching self-esteem and choice making

To teach about the problem of violence and it's contributing factors

To assist individuals in gaining skills needed to intervene in violent youth engagements both direct and indirect

To offer multi-cultural training that would prevent the continuation of violence

To offer avenues of addressing gaps in education and training

What is the registration process for both online and in-service training?

Individuals interested in becoming a specialist, but would like to have hands-on training could sign-up and register for in person courses online through this website.  They will be contacted and informed about the location for in-person training courses.  To register for online courses, please pay for your course online. a notification will be sent to   emergingalternative03@gmail.com and you will receive confirmation of the receipt of your payment as well as the location and time of your in-person training course. 

Online course participants must complete the registration information on this link.  You will receive a confirmation for receipt of payment and login information for the course on emergingeducationalsolutions.moodlecloud.com.  You will receive instructions for logging into the site.  After you have completed your quizzes and have received scores of 80 or above on each, you will be sent a certificate of completion to your email on file. 

In-service professional courses follow a different path.  Organizations will complete the organization registration form.  The administrator of emerging alternatives will receive notification of this completion and will send a confirmation email.  The administer of the hosting organization will be contacted and a date will be established at which time, payment will be sent to Emerging Alternatives Group LLC in order to begin the process of establishing services.