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At Emerging Alternatives, we specialize in Uncontested Divorces, Child Support Modifications, Child Custody, Visitation, Equitable Distribution and Paternity Issues.  We are not a Legal organization, so we do not give legal advice of any kind.  Our Professionals are Master's level Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediators, thus they are qualified to officiate all court ordered Family Mediation Services on behalf of our clients and the Florida State Court System

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We perform a written mediation narrative that is signed, as well as conversation via phone, email or fact to face in order to prepare and submit legally binding agreements.  Mediation services are offered to parties with and without court orders to mediate issues.  We conduct affordable mediation sessions, and provide financial affidavit forms to be completed prior to mediation.  We also include parenting agreements and other comprehensive divorce settlements at cost.  Our beginning cost for mediation is $150.00 per hour.  We are offering a 50% discount for first time users of our mediation services.  Their is a two hour minimum for all mediation services

Why Mediate?

Divorce Mediation could be tedious.  Individuals engaging in divorce could look forward to paying upwards of $5000 minimum for litigation involving lawyer fees and court cost.  Mediation is a much more affordable option for divorce, costing a meager $700 to 1,500 depending on the complexity involved.  Mediation services could assist parties who are already strapped financially, to work collaboratively in order to eventually come up with agreements on child support, equitable distribution, custody, and other factors involved in their divorce or child custody case

What do I Bring to Mediation?

.Name, Address, Contact information, marriage date, paternity documents, employment and gross incomes of both spouses, date and birth of each child, checking and savings accounts for one year, CD's, stocks, money markets, custody, college savings, make, model, and year of all vehicles with Kelly book values, mortgage loan information, vacation and other property values with current values, current statement of all outstanding loans and card debt, business valuations, and tax and insurance documents for over 2 years.  61.21 (4) Florida Statutes (2006) espouses the responsibility of both parties seeking the dissolution of marriage, or custody, timesharing rights involving minor children in a paternity case.  Both parents must complete a parenting and education course prior to the entry of a final judgement in the court.  All courses must be approved by the department of children and families.  In order to complete your parenting course go to:  www.dcfstate.flus/program/childwelfare/stabilization/